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Public Art on the Tufts University Medford Campus

In May of 2012 the Tufts University Art Gallery launched a pilot for an outdoor public art program. The gallery hopes to continue this series with many more modern and contemporary sculptures to be installed in highly trafficked locations on the Medford campus.

Sponsored by the Tufts University Art Gallery, generous donations from individual donors and installation support from Tufts University facilities.

Current Public Art Installations

Autruche II (Ostrich II) (2010)
Bronze, ed
8/8, 67 x 19 ¾ x 25 inches
Artist: Quentin Garel (French, born 1975)
On loan from the collectin of Paul and Janice Price; Courtesy of the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York, NY. Sponsored by the Tufts University Art Gallery @ The Aidekman Arts Center

Sited in a planter bed on a pedestrian walkway just downhill from the Tisch Library, French sculptor Quentin Garel's Autruche II (Ostrich II), 2010, greets visitors to campus and passersby in an unexpected way. Standing six feet high, this sculpture upends the expression "burying one's head in the sand." Walking past the raised bed, visitors are confronted and surprised by an ostrich's head looming above them, its body presumably buried in the planter bed.

This disquieting yet humorous sculpture is not what it appears to be. Garel's sculptural process begins as large charcoal drawings that are made and erased repeatedly, creating a palimpsest from which he carves models in wood and then casts in bronze. The unique patinas of his bronzes reflect the wood grain of the models; these lines make his sculptural surfaces look like drawings, create a sense of sinuous movement and depth. This work is on loan to Tufts for one year, courtesy of the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York, NY. Quentin Garel lives and works in Normandy, France.

ABBY-TC5 (American, born 1966), Summer in New York, 2013, digital images of original aerosol art printed on banner, 8 x 23 feet.

Summer in New York (2013)
Acrylic on canvas
Artist: ABBY TC-5 (American)
9 x 20 feet
On loan from the artist. Sponsored by the Tufts University Art Gallery @ The Aidekman Arts Center

Graffiti artist ABBY TC-5 was invited by the Tufts University Art Gallery to create a billboard-size mural for a site adjacent to the Mayer Campus Center on Talbot Avenue, in conjunction with the Department of Drama and Dance's main fall production. The mural, titled Summer in New York, interprets the 2007 play "Welcome to Arroyo's" by Obie Award-winner and Pulitzer Prize-finalist Kristoffer Diaz, being directed by Tufts Assistant Professor Noe Montez for the Balch Arena Theater this fall (October 17-19, 24-26). This bold and colorful public art work references the play's main themes: the role of women (especially Latinas) in the worlds of hip hop, graffiti, and MCing, as well as the gentrification of New York's Lower East Side, where the play is set in 2004. ABBY has also been invited to contribute to the scenic design for the Tufts production of this play, the first to be produced at Tufts by a Latino playwright and a Latino director.

A native of Queens, NY and a graduate of the Art & Design High School in New York City, ABBY TC-5 is part of the graffiti collective "The Crazy 5" and one of the few women artists who originally made a name for herself tagging in the Bronx, subsequently in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now in Charlotte, NC.

ABBY TC-5 will visit Tufts on October 24 and 25 and will appear in a lunchtime conversation with Noe Montez on Friday, October 25. ABBY's visit is sponsored by a grant from the Nat R. and Martha Knaster Charitable Trust.

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