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Slater Concourse Gallery

Fall 2018

All Summer in a Day
On view until September 23, 2018
Organized by Mallory A. Ruymann, AG17

All Summer in a Day explores the broad tradition of landscape imagery using objects culled from the Tufts University Permanent Collection. Whether through verbal or visual impressions, artists across time and working in all media distill the landscape into enduring creative utterances. In this era of increasingly vital conversations around land use and environmental health, the artistic endeavor of representing the landscape seems a more essential task than ever.

Violence Transformed: Stand Together
September 29-November 4, 2018
Organized by Carol Daynard DIP '09

Stand Together pairs current and former SMFA at Tufts faculty with their alumni and current students. Both collaboratively produced and individually made pieces will demonstrate the connective power of art and its integral social dynamic.

Cups of Nun Chai
November 9-December 16, 2018
Alana Hunt

Cups of Nun Chai documents a participatory memorial that emerged in response to the 2010 Kashmir protests, in which 118 people were killed. Alana Hunt's serial newspaper memorial documents the 118 cups of nun chai (a salty Kashmiri tea) she shared with people in and around Kashmir in memory of these victims of state violence. This project is produced in collaboration with the Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies at Tufts University.

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