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Slater Concourse Gallery

Spring 2018

nARTure. Reshaping eco-art
February 2018
Curated by Silvia Bottinelli

Co-sponsored by Environmental Studies, Tufts Art Gallery, Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE), and Visual and Critical Studies
nARTure investigates the intersection of art and nature through the work of Tufts students. These works address both societal and subjective interactions with the environment such as "Why is 'nature' defined as separate from 'human'? and "How does our understanding of 'nature' change with time?"

(Curatorial Practice: SMFA Students at Work)

March 2018

A two-part exhibition between SMFA's Mission Hill Gallery and Tufts University's Slater Concourse, Exchange examines the politics of trade, currency, value, substitution connection and colonization as they unfurl through our bodies research independently and collectively.

The question of exchange surfaces through these works, tangibly, invisibly, and intimately, fusing subtle but intense experiences of both relation and tension through matter, space, memory, history, identity, information, and the unknown.

With performances, video, installation, sculpture, drawings and paintings presented between both galleries and a special exhibition of takeaways presented at the Slater Concourse, the class of 2019 is proud to present to you, Exchange.

The Opening Reception of Exchange at MH Gallery will be held on Friday, March 9, 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Sew-cial Activism: The Role of Costuming in Political Movements from the Phrygian Caps to Pussy Hats.
April 2018
Curated by Kendra Reddington Bell

Everybody wears clothes and everybody makes choices about the clothes they wear. What happens when our social conscientious informs the clothing choices we make? During the Fall 2017 semester, 10 students discussed, researched and used clothing for social change. Their final projects are documented in this exhibit.

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