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Voice Your Vision!

Gallery Guide Program

The Voice Your Vision! Guided tour program at the Tufts University Art Gallery offers a unique learning community for Tufts students. Each year eight to ten motivated undergraduate and graduate students with interests primarily in art history, museums, education and visual literacy participate and hone their critical thinking and looking skills while sharing the value of visual analysis and collegial dialogue with their peers. Laura Tillery (M.A. '10), a former Tufts student guide, comments that the Voice Your Vision! program has been a "tremendous learning experience," "incredibly helpful to my teaching, academic research, close-looking at objects, and my public speaking skills." Guest speakers, site visits to area arts institutions, and intimate interactions with curators and exhibiting artists add additional professional development opportunities and establish the program as a unique, on-campus learning resource.

To learn more about the program or to schedule a tour, contact: Liz Canter.

About VTS

Tours are designed using the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) technique. Rather than lecturing, Gallery Guides lead small groups (approximately 10 people) in conversations by asking open-ended questions that encourage close examination and consideration of selected works. VTS lends itself to spending 10-15 minutes before a single work of art. Rather than providing a comprehensive tour of an entire exhibit, guides introduce key works of art that touch on the major themes of each exhibit. VTS works equally well with children and adults, experienced art viewers and those who are less accustomed to arts settings. Each tour lasts about one hour.

Become a Tour Guide

The Tufts University Art Gallery is creating a small cadre of volunteer Gallery Guides who are interested in developing their visual literacy, facilitation, and presentation skills. This group works closely with the Gallery Educator to craft and lead thematic and/or interdisciplinary discussion-based tours. Once trained, Gallery Guides will be expected to sign up to give scheduled tours and participate in ongoing learning experiences throughout the year. Art historians, museum studies candidates and potential educators from all fields should submit a resume and brief letter of interest to Liz Canter by early September.

Book a Tour

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm and Thursdays until 8 pm. Tours before 11 am on weekdays are also possible. Please contact Liz Canter, Gallery Educator & Academic Programs Coordinator, to learn more or to schedule a tour.
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