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Photography Policy

Tufts University Art Gallery Photography Policy

Due to the delicate materials and light sensitive nature of works of art, and our commitment to preservation, flash photography is not permitted in any of the galleries. For certain exhibitions, all photography is prohibited, except for educational uses.

Press Inquiries

Press images are available on request. Please note the following restrictions:

  • No individual works are to be photographed/filmed. All shooting of works will be no closer than 6 feet to any work.
  • Lights and equipment must be at a distance of at least ten feet from the works, and the distance must be greater than the fully extended light stand as to be out of range of the works if they fall over.
  • Freestanding light stands must be hand-held or weighted down with sand bags. No more than two lamps may be used at any one time.
  • There is no touching or handling of the works by the photographer/film crew. The works must be photographed/ filmed in place and not moved. The base or mount supporting the works cannot be touched nor have anything draped over it.
  • Protective screens over exposed bulbs are required to protect against the possibility of a bulb explosion during shooting
  • Ultraviolet filters and infrared filters over bulbs are required.
  • The amount of light exposure is directly related to the intensity of the light and the duration of the exposure. Both should be kept as low as possible.
  • Lights must be switched off unless the photographer/crew is taking an exposure reading or is in the process of shooting.