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New Media Wall

Continuous screenings of short format, single-channel art works in video and film, featured periodically in the lobby of the Tisch Family Gallery.

Nancy Holt, 1976 filming Sun Tunnels, Great Basin Desert, Utah. Photography: Lee Deffebach

New Media Wall Archive:

January 19 - April 1, 2012
Nancy Holt: Sightlines

September 8 to November 20, 2011
Richard Bell: Uz vs. Them
The first traveling exhibition in the United States dedicated to the multi-layered work of Aboriginal artist and activist Richard Bell, one of Australia's leading and most controversial artists.

April 15 — May 23, 2010
Justin Cooper, Studio Visit, 2007
The artist in his studio records comic yet disturbing gestures and vocalizations. He hyperventilates, squeals, throws things, and jerks around-all in stark contrast to the fraught stillness of his sculptural work.

September 10 — December 20, 2009
Tadashi Moriyama, Flight Home, 2006
Inspired by a 13-hour plane ride, Flight Home incorporates fantastical science fiction, grainy live footage, and virtually-generated cityscapes.

Summer 2009
art:21 (Season 4)

April 9 — May 24, 2009
Luisa Rabbia, Passing Moods, 2005
In Passing Moods a photograph of a tree is animated with drawings and movies in the background. It creates the feeling of time passing by in a story of life within a beginning and temporary ending. The work plays between animation and stills in which a impassive tree is home for a succession of precarious never ending moments.Luisa Rabbia was born in Italy in 1970 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She was the 2007 Artist-in-Residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA.

January 22 — March 29, 2009
Tokyo Streets
Punk, Rockabilly, Gyaru, Gothic Lolita, Cosplay, Kegadoru, and Ganguro--extreme and diverse Japanese fashion capture live.

September 11 — December 21, 2008
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, Gas Zappers
Empire and Its Discontents artist Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung's video Gas Zappers stars an animated polaor bear encountering a casat of world leaders and pop stars as he battles climate change and the politics of global warming. The video was shown at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival

Summer 2008
Harmony in the Age of Noise
Live video feed from Harmony in the Age of Noise. Anthropologist and poet David Guss, sound artist Bruce Odland, sculptor Mark McNamara, media artist Michael Luck Schneider, and over 80 undergraduates and grad students, faculty, and staff at Tufts University collaborated on the design and building of a sonic observation post that allows visitors to navigate through sound maps of the campus and surrounding community.

April 2008
art:21, 2007

January 17 — March 30, 2008
Ivan Navarro: Homeless lamp, the juice sucker, 2004-5

September 6 — December 23, 2007
Yuri Makoveychuk: The Institute, 2002

June — July 2007
Peter Fischli and David Weiss: The Way Things Go, 1987

April 2007
Jonathon Kirk: I've got a guy running, 2006

January 2007
Jun Yang: Jun Yang and Soldier Woods, 2000

September 8 — November 19, 2006
Günther Selichar, Who's Afraid of Blue, Red, and Green?, 2006

June — July, 2006
art:21, 2003

April — May, 2006
Artur Zmijewski, 80064, 2003

January — April 2006
Juan Manuel Echavarría, Bocas del Ceniza (Mouths of Ash), 2003

September — November 2005
Günther Selichar, Granturismo, 2002 (DVD, 5 min., 10 sec.)

April 5 — May 22, 2005
Joshua Mosley, Commute, 2003 (mixed media animation, 5 min.)

February 10 — March 27, 2005
Alex McQuilkin, Get Your Gun Up , 2002 (DVD, 2 min. 30 sec.) and Teenage Daydream: In Vain, 2002–03 (DVD, 1 min. 54 sec.)

September — October 2004
Kocot and Hatton, Flag, 2001 (DVD, approx. 41 min.)

November — December 2004
Christian Nerf, Polite Force , 2002 (DVD, 5 min.)